Member Testimonials

We continue to have doors open for ministry and support in Charlotte, and some of that is coming directly from the relationships we developed through The Barnabas Group. Our participation in quarterly meeting has had tremendous impact on our work. We look forward to continuing to build on these relationships and expect to be ministering in Charlotte for many years.

Rick Schatz, pureHOPE, Charlotte, NC

The Barnabas Group allows you to take the steps and to get involved with organizations that you feel good about while being able to grow your level of participation with them over time

By the end of our (mission) trip we had seen wild animals and many of the sights that Kenya had to offer. But if you ask my family today what they remember most about the trip, the people come first.

Tony and Julie Griffin, Mission Trip to Kenya, Charlotte, NC

The entire process from the vetting activity to the actual presentation was extremely valuable to me and to Youth Commission International. We made good contact with several business leaders who seemed genuinely interested in investing their time in our students in the coming days. We are still cultivating and building these new God-given relationships. The vetting process days before the presentation provided a wonderful opportunity to rethink and focus our message to effectively communicate the heart of our ministry to a greater audience.

Dennis Williams, Youth Commission International, Charlotte, NC

We want to feel like we're doing something bigger than us and that we're a part of something bigger than this business that we operate. We feel that God has chosen us with that perspective to be a part of active marketplace leaders. This is God's economy and we understand that. Most people ask, "What's in it for me?" We experience the joy of knowing that it's not about us. We don't even ask that question anymore.

So now we really feel that we are a connector to ministries. We may never have that "one" ministry that God says, "this is your ministry." But we want to connect businesses and resources and places where ministries are, that are doing good things for the Kingdom. We do not want to get in the way where God wants to use our influence.

Just take the next step. Step out and volunteer. When you see these different ministries ask yourself, "Why not go, volunteer, and see what this ministry is all about?"

Stan and Susan Parrish, Mission Trip with Finish the Wall, TBG Charlotte